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The method involves looking at a spectral line equivalent to a wavelength of 121.6 nanometres (one nanometre is one-billionth of a metre). This wavelength belongs to the UV range and is the strongest hydrogen spectral line. However, the cosmic expansion shifts the quasar spectrum to longer wavelengths the farther the light travels. Therefore, the redshift of the observed UV absorption line can be translated into the distance from Earth. In this study, the effect had moved the UV line into the infrared range as it reached the telescope.

1920x1080 Cosmic Wallpaper - Top Free Cosmic Ba...

Naturally, the presence of cosmic irony in these different genres serve different purposes. For example, cosmic irony is used for humor, commentary on the human condition, or to teach valuable lessons.

Just as individual characters can learn lessons through the power of cosmic irony, our species itself could do the same. For example, in the recent sci-fi film Arrival (2016), the mere presence of aliens creates a potentially disastrous situation.

We've covered the basics of cosmic irony but there is so much more to learn. If there is a particular form of irony you want to explore further, just follow the navigation below. Each one of these subtypes of irony belongs in every writer's toolkit.

Muon tomography is a little like space exploration in reverse. Instead of using instruments constructed on Earth to investigate space, it relies on cosmic rays produced in space to delve into things on Earth.

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