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Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

Produced by Rashida Jones, Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, Turned On tells six true stories about people whose lives are affected by the relationship between sex and technology, including cam girls, naked psychiatrists, those who work behind-the-scenes in pornography, and those who have become reliant on consuming it. The series' objective is to explore whether human interaction through screens is "rewiring us in fundamental ways."

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

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On its face - and with its suggestive cover - the film pulls in viewers under incredibly sexy pretenses, like a modern-day Pretty Woman. But all too soon, viewers figure out that Richard Gere isn't coming to the rescue. The intricate realities of life as a sex worker in America, as told by filmmakers following some of the girls who aren't faking it, is about as heart-wrenching as it gets. Hot Girls Wanted confronts some of what lies behind the sexy front of adult entertainment.

In one scene of Hot Girls Wanted, a female performer admits that she's nervous as she readies herself for a scene to be featured on a website with a name that admits it exploits teens. "There is an influx of girls trying to do [adult films]," says John Anthony, an adult film actor. "A lot of them know it's a trap but the money's there in their face, right now - cash! They take it and just hope for the best."

Reynolds explains how in a single year, he went from being a bullied high school student to a dishwasher at Outback Steakhouse to a talent agent living in Miami Beach in a five-bedroom house with his own car. The young agent made his money connecting teen female talent to filmmakers. Reynolds boasts that he only works with "amateur girls" whom he refers to as "teeny-boppers."

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March 20, 2010Recap Box Score Photo Gallery Head Coach Kurt BudkeOpening statement:"I've been in this a long time now and I think that's the biggest win I've ever been associated with. It's one thing to come back and get a win, but it's another thing to get your butt beat for 20 minutes and figure out a way to come back without your star. I'm so proud of these kids right here and they stepped up, not just these two but the whole team. We went from a story where people were questioning us to I think the greatest story in America right now in women's college basketball after this game. I just thought it was a great game for fans to watch. I thought there was shown unbelievable heart from this team on how to just keep fighting and never die. What we talked about at halftime was we had just watched Dayton come back from down 18 with 13 minutes to go today and we can do it too. We were down 14 to Texas with seven minutes to go and found a way to do it. The thing that was special about today was that we did it without Andrea Riley and I'm just so proud of these kids. It's a very emotional locker room right now."On substitution pattern in second half:"They shot the ball extremely well and they're well coached. We didn't think we could come out in the second half and let them run their stuff again for 20 minutes. They already proved they could kick us doing that. We just talked about at halftime that we were going to go for a minute and a half at a time, two minutes tops. We were going to just rotate people in and out and change the tempo of the game and change up a couple of different defenses with pressure. We've got nothing to lose, so everything you've got let's get it and we'll get you out. Tegan had to come back around there and we knew she would. The girls just bought into it at halftime.On playing in Big 12 and the preparation it provided for the game:"Being down and coming back prepared us. I think we were down 14 and won that game. It seems like you're always down in the Big 12 and you're always battling you're way back. There's no quit in those kids. I know it was a different story today because normally it's Andrea bringing us back, putting us on her shoulders and bringing us back. I think you maybe saw a little coming out party for Toni Young here today."On play of Ally Clardy:"The first thing we told Ally was don't try to do what Andrea does. Nobody in America can do that. Just come out, get us in our offense, get the ball where it belongs and if you score, fantastic. If you don't, as long as you're getting us into our stuff, that's all we can ask. Play good defense and I'm really excited for her because she is the ultimate team player. Everybody comes to college with the dream of playing 40 minutes a night and starting and playing in the Big 12. She happened to come to college at the same time as Andrea Riley did. She hasn't got the minutes that she had dreamed about, but she's been a great teammate. She's always there cheering on Andrea. She's always there for her teammates both on and off the floor. I'm really, really happy for her."On life lessons learned from the game:"This has been a two-year dark cloud hanging over our head. We all knew it was coming. We played by the rules. We were going to do it the right way, we did it the right way and the kids learned obviously tonight don't ever give up and make sure when you leave the floor you gave everything you had. They can carry that over in life in everything they do. Give your best every second of every minute of everything you do in life. We talk about that a lot. When I come out and play this game, play it as hard as you can. It's only 40 minutes up there. Give me everything you've got. I know the girls wanted to do this for Andrea tonight to give her one more chance and there were a lot of lessons to be learned tonight."On settling the nerves of the team:"I could see it in their eyes, I could see it in the locker room. They were nervous and you can't blame them. They were nervous without Andrea being there. We told all of them if you score four a night, give us six. If you score eight a night, give us ten. Nobody has to do it by themselves. Everybody just give me a little bit. That didn't work because they were still really nervous tonight. They wanted to do it for Andrea, but they also wanted to prove to the world that we're a team also. We got these wins and these six Top 25 wins and it's not just the Andrea Riley show. They wanted to do it for a couple of different reasons. We just told them if they were a little bit nervous to go out there, play some defense, knock somebody over and do something to relax."On point of the game when he felt his team would win:"I can't remember the score, but there was like seven minutes and forty seconds left and I looked up and it almost even shocked me we were where we were. I think we were either tied or right there within one. I could just see the confidence growing in our kids' eyes. You could just see it in that next group to go in that they were just dying to go in. They couldn't wait their turn. We got them back on their heels a little bit, but they still hit some big shots late in the game, Man they can shoot the basketball to keep them in it. I think at about the seven-minute mark we had a good chance to win this game."Forward Tegan CunninghamOn slow start shooting in the first half:"Obviously I don't like to miss. It's part of the game and I like to shoot the ball. Everyone on the court just said to keep on shooting. Everyone has faith in me. I just had to keep on shooting and I knew eventually that they would start falling, whether it be with 10 minutes to go or five minutes to go. I had to believe in myself because I knew my team had faith in me. I came through for the good in the end."On effectiveness of full court press in second half:"I think we're a very athletic team and we like to press. We're very fast and that's one of our strengths. Coach was saying that a lot of teams don't press. We just had to come back since we were down by 18 or 19 at that point so we had to try and make a run for it. We had the momentum with us and we really hustled. It really was the turning point in the game."On pre-game advice from Andrea Riley:"We all know she believes in us. We were all just sick of talking about it and we wanted to get it done. We wanted to show this was for her. We knew she believed in every single one of us. She's always been supporting us all through this week and this was a big one for her."On looking at Andrea Riley after hitting first shot of second half:"I told Andrea that I was going to do everything I could to get this win for her. I finally hit a shot and it was a bit of a relief. I kept looking at her on the way down the court and it was hard when she's not out there. I'm so used to playing with her, but she really reassured me that I needed to keep shooting the ball. She had just as much faith as anyone else on this team, so it was nice to look at her and know she believes in me.On play of Ally Clardy:"I think Ally did a great job. It's hard filling Andrea's shoes. She's one of the best point guards in the nation and I'd hate to follow her. I think Ally held herself really well. She didn't try to overdo what she was meant to do. She really was a good role player. She had 10 assists and that's a great job for her to back up for Andrea."On play of Precious Robinson"I don't think (Precious) understands what a great job she did. She didn't score as many points as she could have, but the things that she did really helped us and kept us in the game. Her intensity in the first half made us want to play harder. She was diving on the floor more than anyone."On magnitude of the game in her career:"I think it was (the most amazing game) for me. Obviously being in the NCAA Tournament, it was the first time for me being here. All of the adrenaline was flowing and nobody thought we could do it and here we are with a win under our belt. It just goes to show that our team is deep and it's just a great feeling coming together, being down by so much and working hard to get the win is a great feeling right now."Guard Toni YoungOn effectiveness of full court press in second half:"It is our strength and we're really, really fast. We knew that they couldn't handle the press and we had seen some film on them. We went to our strength and shut them down. Once we got up on them and got intense, they couldn't stop it."On what was learned from the game:"We're a team with or without (Andrea Riley). We're strong with her and we're still strong without her. We don't just need one person. We need a team and we can't win a game with one person."On halftime speech from coaching staff:"Coach told me I was the biggest disappointment of the first half, but in the second half I was going to be the greatest story. We came out and played and we showed them that we weren't the biggest disappointment and we just played."On second half adjustments:"I looked to score. My team needed a boost and I wanted to help pick us up, so somebody had to score."On play of Ally Clardy:"I think she just played her game. She got in there and did what she needed to do which was to pass the ball and get everyone involved."On play of Precious Robinson:"Precious has long, long arms and she did great. In the first half she did great and she was playing her heart out and that's what kept us in the game. She gave us that boost of energy and helped us know we could still win this game. Her deflections helped us so much. She got rebounds, she scored when we needed her to and she just played hard."On her first half play:"My first half was horrible. That wasn't me playing in the first half. I wasn't playing to my ability and I was slacking off a lot and not doing what my team needed of me. I got two quick fouls and I went to the bench and I hate riding the bench, so I wasn't going to sit out and not work for my team. We've come too far and we're not going to go down easy. I had to get in there and work for them."Guard Ally ClardyOn playing for Andrea Riley:"She's my roommate and [has bee] my friend for four years. It would absolutely kill me to play my last game without her. I want her on the floor with me. We did this for her, but we did it for ourselves. No one thought we could do it, and that was our biggest push to go get it. We love surprising people and I'm so proud of my teammates. It was unbelievable."On stepping up:"There was nothing stopping me. I wasn't going to let anyone tell me 'No'. The first half I saw my season flashing before my eyes and I've never been so scared in my life. At halftime I even teared up, not because I was thinking we were going to lose, but I knew that we wanted this. That last minute I wasn't going to accept 'No'. Although none of my shots fell, there was a cover over the rim, but I distributed the ball and I gave my teammates the chance to hit shots. My shots don't matter. I'd like to hit a couple, but I want to give them shots and get them open. That's how we got back."On if she talked to Andrea Riley:"No, I just pointed to her and she knew. There were tears running down her face and I was trying not to cry. I was kind of closing my eyes pointing at her at the very end of the game. I probably pointed at her 30 times, she probably got sick of it. That's my girl."Chattanooga QuotesHead Coach Wes MooreOpening Statement:"You have to give Oklahoma State a lot of credit. It was a great move going to the press and then falling back into the zone. Their length and athleticism gave us some trouble. We tried a few different ways to attack the press, but they did a great job of making it tough on us and taking us out of what we were doing. The couple of times they went man in the second half, we were able to get some good looks and knock down shots. They made a great adjustment. We knew at halftime they would come out realizing this was it and they did. They turned the heat up, so give them a lot of credit."On how Oklahoma State's full-court press affected the team in the second half:"The biggest thing is they really brought it up close to the baseline. They had three people committed to trapping the point guard if it came in there. The adjustment we tried to make was to throw over it, closer to half court. We tried to push it down the court on them and get some early looks. They have a lot of size and a lot of athleticism, and they were hungry. They didn't miss many shots to start off the second half and they had a lot of energy, and we didn't handle it well. We had two freshmen and a sophomore out there a lot of the time, but it affected even our veterans. It gave us a lot of problems and you have to give Oklahoma State a lot of credit. It turned the game around."On the play of Cowgirls Forward Tegan Cunningham:"She just got hot. She started feeling it and that's what happens. She was 1-for-13 in the first half and I thought our kids did a pretty good job of getting a hand in the face. Our defense was definitely not as good in the second half and I think part of that was we had so many turnovers. We had six at halftime and ended up with 23, so a lot of their scoring came off of their defense. Cunningham and Young both stepped up and knocked down shots, and I think that's what got them going. We obviously had a hard time hitting shots and their defense had a lot to do with that. "Thoughts on the game:"Right now, it hurts. Especi


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