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Where To Buy St Christopher Medals

JT Inman St. Chris medals make a great gift for the student returning to college, for the teen with a first driver's license, or as a smart fashion statement. As the legend goes, St. Christopher, the ever-popular Protector of Safe Travel, will keep those safe who keep a St. Christopher medal close by.

where to buy st christopher medals

We offer five sizes in 20 gorgeous jewel-like colors. Each is made of .925 sterling silver and hand-enameled with special glass enamel. Please note that the enamel shades can vary. The colors may appear lighter on the smallest medals and deeper on the XL medals. Hand-crafted in the USA by the J T Inman Company (formerly by Chas Thomae).

I believe my daughter and her fiance will enjoy their matching St. Christopher medals. They just moved aboard a sailboat and will benefit from the patron saint of travelers! These are beautiful and the chains are perfect

Shop our selection of St. Christopher necklaces, medals, pendants, charms, and medallions! St. Christopher is a popular saint, though little facts are known about him. It appears he may have been a 3rd century martyr. As the most popular tradition about his life involves aiding travelers across a dangerous river, he is the patron of drivers & travelers. Sportsmen also call on his intercession for safety as they maneuver through their sport. His feast day is July 25th.

When looking for St. Christopher medals for sale, it adds an extra layer of significance when you know the meaning behind it. This is a special style option. While this is a popular option for an accessory, it carries a lot of personal significance for the wearer.

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, children, sports and sudden death as well as protection and guidance. Christopher, one of the most popular Christian devotions, has a name that means Christ-bearer. His life and story, is somewhere between legend and legitimacy. He also has a strong devotion among those in youth sports like hockey, football, baseball, soccer and more. His unofficial feast day is July 25th. Buy a pendant or add on a chain to make it a necklace. Get St. Christopher medals in either sterling silver, gold-filled or 14kt solid gold all made in the USA and with lifetime guarantees.

The patron saint of travelers, representing protection and safety, St Christopher is an enduringly popular saint worldwide to this day. With stories of his heroic efforts to help people pass safely through danger, medals with St Christophers image were often worn by sailors, soldiers, and mariners for protection. 041b061a72


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