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Buy Personalized Desk Name Plates

Our natural wooden name plates are beautiful and unique. Every piece of wood is salvaged from Tennessee whiskey barrels and is different from the next. As such, the wooden name plate sign you purchase may not exactly resemble the ones on our website. However, it will be beautifully and uniquely yours.

buy personalized desk name plates


When you have one of these executive nameplates sitting on your desk or somewhere in your office, you will feel a sense of pride in your success. The contrast between the metal plate and solid wood creates a professional look that impresses everyone who walks into your office. There is no better way to get the nameplate you've always wanted with short production times and a competitive price.

Functionality is an important part of your office, and so a personalized nameplate and business card holder all in one is the perfect solution. You will be in complete control as you select the font, color and finish for your nameplates.

Your teacher will love this desk name plate in the classroom. Teacher appreciation week is almost here! Give your teacher this personalized teacher gift as a thank you for being absolutely amazing. This name plaque is perfect for a teacher graduation gift, as well.

This personalized desk name plate is painted white. Colorful pencils are added with the name of teacher in black. We use durable inks for all of the designs, so no need to worry about peeling. We sand the edges for a finished look.

Once you have reserved your personalized configuration, our Department staff will review it to determine if the configuration is appropriate under the guidelines established by Missouri law. Specifically, "No personalized license plates shall be issued containing any letters, numbers or combination of letters and numbers which are obscene, profane, patently offensive or contemptuous of a racial or ethnic group, or offensive to good taste or decency, or would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety of the applicant, of other users of streets and highways, or of the public in any location where the vehicle with such a plate may be found." (Section 301.144, RSMo).

Note: Personalize & Reserve does not provide you with a valid license plate for your vehicle. If your personalized plate will replace a license plate on a vehicle which has a valid registration (license plates), your current registration fees will apply to the personalized plates when you pick them up from the license office (or receive them in the mail, if applicable). If your personalized plates are being ordered for a vehicle that is not currently registered, you should obtain a regular registration for the vehicle at any Missouri license office at this time. Your designated license office will apply your current registration to the personalized plates when you pick them up.

If the configuration is approved for ordering, your personalized plates will be manufactured and delivered to the license office that you designate in the Personalize & Reserve application. Must be completed by all applicants. These license plates will not be mailed. Indicate name of license office where plates are to be picked up.

The fees collected for the reservation of personalized plates through the Personalize & Reserve application include a convenience fee charged by a third party electronic payment processor. If you reserve a configuration and later decide you do not want that configuration, a refund will only be issued if the personalized plate has not already been produced.

If you submitted an application for a personalized license plate more than three weeks ago, you may use our website to check the status of your personalized plate order. Before submitting your inquiry, please note that processing for personalized plates may take six to eight weeks.

For custom stamps questions, email our stamp department at: stamps@getgarveys.comFor custom nameplates questions, email our nameplate specialist at: 041b061a72


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