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Arsinoe 6 Comic 2

A polite and tactful man who is well adapted to the society of the play. Philinte, who avoids the type of offensive straightforwardness that characterizes Alceste, is almost so well adjusted as to come across as boring. Philinte lacks the sharp wit and cleverness of many of the other characters, but is appealing in his selflessness. Philinte bears a genuine concern for Alceste as he seeks to keep Alceste from destroying all of his relationships. Philinte is also admirable for his self-control and patience in dealing with the object of his affection, Éliante. In many ways, Philinte is the straight man to the absurd and often comically disgruntled Alceste.

Arsinoe 6 Comic 2

Alceste's jittery, bumbling manservant. Du Bois's comic subservience to Alceste is a major element of the farcical nature of The Misanthrope. Out of nervousness in trying to tell Alceste everything, Du Bois actually says virtually nothing. Du Bois is of little help to his master, regardless of his good intentions. His ineptitude attracts the sympathy of his theater audience. 350c69d7ab


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