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Hi, there are no known issues or gotchas with that yet. Gaia produces unity standard terrain as output, and if you switch the Gaia water off, you should be able to add any water system like you would if the terrain was not created by Gaia, but e.g. manually in the unity editor instead. If you are getting any specific error messages out of the KWS water scripts, it might be best to contact the support of the KWS water asset.

I am not sure what is going on. I produced the terrrain in Gaia Pro 2021 and did not use the Gaia water system. I am wondering if I get the same issue by using the manual stamper instead of the world creator.No error messages, but the water system is just not working. I did notice one other post tonight on the KWS water system Discord server and the post mentioned that the problem came up when using Gaia Pro 2021. So it could be KWS script issue. 781b155fdc


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