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918 : It's On! The Special Operation To Bring D... VERIFIED

On or about August 4, 1969, plaintiff, a Wisconsin corporation, entered into a contract with defendant American Manhattan Industries, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation with its principal place of business in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, and Doug Sanders, a resident of some state other than Wisconsin, acquiring the rights to an exclusive franchise under the name Doug Sanders Golf Intercontinental for certain counties in southeastern Wisconsin. Plaintiff alleges it was induced into the contract by false and intentionally misleading statements of the defendants that they had extensive operational expertise in the Doug Sanders Golf Intercontinental program (a golf tour program), unique specialized experience and knowledge regarding foreign and domestic travel, and that they could train, inform, and instruct plaintiff in the operation of its special system. The complaint also alleges that defendants agreed to render advice and consultation about the day-to-day operation of plaintiff's business when, in fact, defendants never intended and were not staffed or equipped to render such advice and consultation and have not done so. The plaintiff seeks to recover the full amount of the contract price, $26,000, as well as the amount it expended in fulfilling its part of its contractual obligation.

918 : It's On! The Special Operation to Bring D...

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948a. Discrimination against employees who bring proceedings; penalties; deposit of payments in special funds; civil actions; entitlement to restoration of employment and compensation, qualifications requirement; liability of employer for penalties and payments; insurance policy exemption from liability

Following the breakdown of negotiations, the police were ordered to take the aircraft, and, at approximately 6:40am the Jamaica Defence Force Counter Terrorism Operations Group members stormed Flight 918 and took the gunman into custody.[10][11][14][15][16][17] Two special operations operatives entered through the cockpit window and replaced the copilot, while one of the operatives, impersonating the copilot, met with and overpowered the hijacker,[18] who was reported to be "mentally challenged."[8]

This monograph will utilize the introduction of the aircraft during World War I as a historical case study for the integration of new domains. The Army has integrated new domains in the past and this example provides the historical context for the challenges involving integration of new domains. An overview and analysis of what multi-domain operations are will provide a baseline understanding of how multi-domain operations are changing not only how we fight but also how the Army must change roles and responsibilities to allow the Joint force to compete across the competition continuum, especially below armed conflict. 041b061a72


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