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[Noff] Return To Catte Teleport V1.1 [Teleport]...

From the main entrance, you can find a Lion Guardian elite roaming the main courtyard. You can attempt to defeat it to permanently get rid of it (Lion Guardians do not respawn) or sneak by while its back is turned. If fighting it, be careful as its wounded friend is resting in a corner just to the right inside the gate and may aggro. Make your way through the wooden barricades in the northwest and follow the path along the walls. Look for a room with several Slugs in it. Get rid of the slugs and then pick up the Nascent Butterfly on the corpse by the ladder. Ascend the ladder and look towards the eastern edge of the roof for a corpse with 5x Fan Daggers. Carefully traverse the top of the castle walls in the southwest and pick up the Golden Rune (10) on the corpse in the corner. There are Castle Guards on the walls as well as on the roofs of the buildings across from the walls that will fire explosive projectiles at you. You can try to pick them off with ranged weapons or magic if you have spells with good range. Be especially aware of the ballista operator further down the walls. It can one-shot players even at high levels. Dash towards and behind him and take him out quickly as there is another ballista operator atop the central building of the courtyard. Get up to this building by using the walkways, take out the ballista and then check the corpse in the back for a Smithing Stone (6). Drop down the ladder here to get inside the building and pick up the Sorcerer Painting sitting inside. Unlock the door and then teleport back to the main entrance.

[Noff] Return To Catte Teleport V1.1 [Teleport]...

Back at the entrance, enter the courtyard and sneak towards the grave stones in the south for another Golden Rune (10), but beware of the sleeping Lion Guardian. Now make your way to the wooden walkway directly east of the main gate and check under it for a Smithing Stone (5). Head up the walkway and check the left side for a corpse hanging over the edge. You can loot a Freezing Grease off of it. Back in the center path, check the corpse on the right for 3x Thawfrost Boluses. Continue along to the building in the north which connects to a walkway in the east. Beware the spectral melee Castle Guards here that teleport in and out of range, as well as the guard with a crossbow in the distance. Head up the wooden stairs on the left and defeat the guards that teleport in here. Check the corner for a corpse with another Golden Rune (10). From here, head on south to reach the Church of the Eclipse, an important landmark with a Site of Grace inside. On the way, you can kill the crossbow guard and loot the corpse hanging on the low wall for another Thawfrost Boluses. Activate the Site of Grace and then head back outside and look to the east for a ladder leading to the middle level of the eastern castle section. Head south from here and pick up the Smithing Stone [5], then go north to pick up a Golden Rune (9) off of the corpse on the right. Head west across the wooden platform from here to fight a knight and two wolves, after that head north onto the outlook to find a corpse holding a Stonesword Key.

Back inside the church, check the altar for an Eclipse Shotel curved sword. Head out of the church using the eastern exit and check behind the church for a ladder leading up to the outer walls. Beware the crossbowman in the distance and the guard atop the ladder. Follow the walls towards the south and when you see a short set of steps to the right, you can jump to the building with an opening on the roof. This leads into a room full of Rats where you can pick up 3x Smithing Stone (7) from the corpse in the corner. Exit the room and turn the corner on the right to find a corpse with a Rune Arc by the campfire. Teleport back to the Church and head up the ladder once more. This time, follow the walls to the southern side where you will find a ladder leading to a lower section of the wall. There is a Spectral Banished Knight here equipped with dual swords. He is very aggressive and will often teleport behind you. Your objective here is the corpse hanging off a wooden ledge in front of him. You can loot the Cerulean Amber Medallion +1 from the corpse. You can try to beeline for the corpse, ignoring the knight and then heading back up the ladder and rushing back to the church but be careful as he can chase you for quite a while.

Your help is about retrieving an artifact that allows teleportation over short distances. You can find Teleportation Gloves on the beach, guarded by three very dangerous crocs. If you keep them at bay, there should be no problems eliminating them, but you should be careful with imposing effects on them, because by attacking, they can transfer those statuses over to your party members. In particular, pay close attention to the crocodile surrounded by a magical barrier. He is wearing teleportation gloves, which allow him to get closer to your team. Avoid the fire attacks and be careful with adding more statuses, as during an attack one of your team members might be affected by them.

After the fight, take the teleportation gloves off the crocodile and return to Gawin. The important thing is that the character that accepted the quest is wearing the gloves during the conversation. This is the only way to make the specific dialogue option appear.

This is the option that Gawin cares about most, as it allows him to get directly to the harbor. Initially, you have to teleport him onto a cliff [3] located just below the final destination. Then, Gawin will teleport you to the same spot and ask to transport him onto another cliff [4]. After you do this, Gawin abandons you.

At this moment of teleportation the quest ends. If you are interested what happens to Gawin you can follow him using the teleportation gloves. It is enough to teleport all your team members to a particular place and then using the equipment menu, give the gloves to someone else, who has already been relocated. In both cases, you can participate in the fight and save Gawin. However, he will be attacked first and, in addition to that, he has no additional armors so he can die easily.

Lockjaw is Crystal's companion as well as the "family dog" and teleporter of the Inhuman Royal Family. When Maximus tried to seize the throne of Attilan, Lockjaw helped the rest of the Royal Family escape to Earth. Although he was hurt upon arriving on Earth, he helped the Royal Family to reunite before transporting them back to the Moon so they could try to save Attilan.

Lockjaw was with Crystal in her apartments when Maximus initiated his coup d'état. Karnak came to warn Crystal about the situation and told her to teleport to Earth and find Gorgon, but Crystal ordered Lockjaw to take Karnak instead and then return to Attilan. Once it was done, they went to find Medusa, who had been depowered by the Attilan Royal Guard. Lockjaw took her to Oahu as well before coming back one more time. He teleported to the Quiet Room, enabling Black Bolt to escape and arrive in downtown Honolulu.[4]

Afraid by the cars honking, Lockjaw tried to return to Attilan one last time to take Crystal, who had been locked in the Quiet Room. However, Lockjaw was rendered unconscious by one of the rebellious Inhumans and left anesthetized in the Quiet Room while Crystal was locked in her apartments.[1] However, after Crystal publicly disavowed Maximus in front of the Genetic Council, she locked herself in the Quiet Room and used her powers to bring Lockjaw back to consciousness. They teleported on Oahu, only for Lockjaw to be hit and hurt by Dave's quad.[2]

Following the accident, Dave took Lockjaw and Crystal to his barn and called his former girlfriend Audrey, a vet, to examine Lockjaw. Despite being amazed by Lockjaw's size, Audrey agreed to help him recover and declared that his wounds were not too severe and would heal with a lot of rest.[5]. Audrey visited Lockjaw one more time and noticed that he was feeling better, prompting Crystal to have him transport her to her family. Despite Audrey advising them against it, Lockjaw teleported Crystal and Dave to a beach. Unfortunately, no one from the Royal Family as there, but this getaway enabled Crystal and Dave to begin bonding.[6]

Afterwards, they returned to Dave's barn and Audrey declared that the trip had exhausted Lockjaw, who needed rest more than ever. Crystal decided to follow Audrey's instructions and resolved to find another way to find her family. After being reunited with Medusa and Black Bolt, they went back to the barn to pick Lockjaw. However, Audrey had called the Honolulu Police Department to report Lockjaw and Crystal to the authorities, prompting Lockjaw to quickly teleport the Royal Family away without Crystal being able to say goodbye to Dave. He brought them to the Declan Research Facility Lab, where Karnak informed his family of Gorgon's death.[3]

When the Inhuman Royal Family decide to meet Maximus for a parley, Lockjaw teleported to Attilan in order to return Auran and her team of Inhumans to Maximus. He then transported back to Earth and Black Bolt had Lockjaw take the Royal Family to a beach, where they were reunited with Triton. Afterwards, Lockjaw brought all of them, along with Evan Declan to the Royal Bunker. At midday, Lockjaw also teleported the Royal Family and Declan for the parley. When Maximus rejected Black Bolt's and Medusa's terms for peace, Lockjaw brought back the Royal Family to the Royal Bunker.[7]

The Big Mountain Transportalponder! is a unique, prototype teleportation device created in Big MT. It allows the user to teleport between the Big MT satellite and The Sink balcony located in Big MT. This can only be done while alone and not while indoors, too far from the destination or in a place with a camouflaging system.

When used in the Mojave Wasteland, it will teleport the Courier to The Think Tank, and when used in Big MT it will teleport the Courier to the Mojave Drive-in. It will not activate if the Courier is in combat or while falling. The Courier must also not have any active companions in order to allow teleportation. 041b061a72


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