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Car Themes For Android Phones

Then select "My MINI" > "System settings" > "Data protection" in the operating menu of your MINI and activate the option "Voice recognition via server". Your MINI now displays the "Amazon Alexa" app under "MINI Connected" > "Vehicle Apps". You can activate Amazon Alexa via the voice control button on the steering wheel.To use the Amazon Alexa car Integration, your MINI must be a model year 2019 and newer with the option ConnectedDrive Services and the Connected Navigation Plus package and a compatible smartphone. Certain language limitations may apply. Available apps and services are subject to change and may vary by location or other factors. May require additional services, plans, subscriptions and vehicle options, and may only be operable in conjunction with certain smartphones and operating systems (smartphone not provided). Not all apps or services may be available for all MINI models.

Car Themes For Android Phones

At the recent International Consumer Electronics (CES) one of the primary themes of the event was the future of car manufacturing. Companies such as Toyota announced the first commercially available hydrogen powered vehicle and Mercedes Benz announced a luxury self-driving vehicle, there was still plenty of discussion on the finer details of automotive technology. 041b061a72


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