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Windows7 Vs. Linux Ubuntu

Ubuntu also comes in several different versions. Ubuntu uses the Gnome desktop, which has a nice mix of style and speed. Xubuntu uses the lighter-weight XFCE desktop to get the most of older hardware.

Windows7 Vs. Linux Ubuntu

RID is short for runtime identifier. RID values are used to identify target platforms where the application runs.They're used by .NET packages to represent platform-specific assets in NuGet packages. The following values are examples of RIDs: linux-x64, ubuntu.14.04-x64, win7-x64, or osx.10.12-x64.For the packages with native dependencies, the RID designates on which platforms the package can be restored.

Only common values are listed. For the latest and complete version, see the runtime.json file in the dotnet/runtime repository. Devices running a distribution not listed below may work with one of the not-distribution-specific RIDs. For example, Raspberry Pi devices running a Linux distribution not listed can be targeted with linux-arm.

If you install Ubuntu or any other linux first and then install windows then you may need to install grub again or windows installation will make windows' bootloader as default bootloader and that will directly boot to windows without asking.

this would be great but what if linux(any version and brand) spits pci errors, cpu locks and wound boot and if you do a linux network install it goes well but at boot time the same issues, is there a solution for?

I had windows 10 genuine and I installed Ubuntu 18.04 alongside windows. All the setup has gone good. After I restart my pc I can't able to access ubuntu ie I can't find the boot menu which which is I have to start. It is by default windows 10 is getting turned on. What should I do to access ubuntu? Hi

Paul Monique wrote:all the response times are with the same glassfish V4 installation and java 7, to the same page on my javaEE app Why is there so much diference in the response times on firebug? i try Centos 6 as well but i got the same response from ubuntu, also try tunning the glasfish but still the same problem.

There are other variants of flavours of both Ubuntu and Mint. For Ubuntu, there are a variety of desktop versions with different desktop environments. Other than the main Ubuntu which comes with Unity (see above), there are also Ubuntu GNOME, Kubuntu (KDE), Lubuntu (LXDE), Xubuntu (Xfce) and Ubuntu MATE.

Continuing my experimentation with different Linux distribution, I installed Xubuntu last week. Xubuntu is a variant of Ubuntu with Xfce desktop environment instead of the default Unity. Light on resources, Xubuntu can be a good Linux alternative of Windows XP. 350c69d7ab


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